I Love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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Hi Dolls, I'm Briana. I am from New York. I am a die heart Bravo Housewives fan! I am in love with the Beverly Hills Women. Get to know them all...
Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle Richards. Kim Richards. Adrianne Maloof. Camille Grammer. Taylor Armstrong. Brandi Glanville. Dana Wilkey.

Hello Followers,

I’m so sorry I have not been blogging on a regular basis. I took a rest for a little while but I am back. This season has been amazing and I am already looking forward to next season. It really has gone by so fast and it has been such an emotional season, I can’t wait to see the reunion tomorrow! I know I am going to be hysterical crying as usual. The reunion has three different parts shown for the next three weeks. Make you you tune in to it on Bravo at 9 or dvr these gorgeous ladies. I will definitely be tweeting live if you want to follow me on twitter: ditzycouture88 

Hope to hear from you tomorrow.